INDIAN FOOD . My best treat ever!

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 I am blessed with this delicious Indian recipes.

Indian food is not only different from rest of the world but its way of cooking is also differs.It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and traditions.India food are better known for its spiciness.

downloadFood in the north India, like  Kashmiris cuisines reflect strong Central Asian influences.

download (1) download (2) download (3) In southern India, the states make great use of spices, fishes and coconuts, as most of them have coastal kitchens. In the foods of Tamil Nadu use of tamarind is frequently made in order to impart sourness to the dishes. It simply distinguishes the Tamil Food from other cuisines.

Continental food are also so respected.

There are lot of commonalities between the Indian cuisine and the Middle Eastern cuisine. Both have a tradition of using herbs and spices and the dishes made in either of the region can be relished by the other.

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Stir-fried noodles with sliced vegetables, and sometimes, egg.sillyjilly_1423822798  We eat it mixed with spicy sauces just like we eat chappati with subzi.  avlxyz_1423823253  

Believe it or not, this dish is eaten as street food in the mainland, and is a quick and simple dish for mothers to get rid of leftover vegetables and noodles.